A Rashida group connected to The Eritrean regime killed two Sudanese.

On 26th February 2017, a group of Rashida gangs headed by Salim Amir (aka Abu Fatima) and working on behalf of the Eritrean regime, faring in two Toyota Hilux sneaked into Sudan passing the Eritrean check post of Hafir. After entering about 10 kilometers deep in the Sudanese heartland they ended up in armed clash with a Sudanese border patrol army. It has been confirmed that the confrontation resulted in the death of two Sudanese soldiers.

This Rashida group which moves freely in the Sudan, was deliberately created by the Eritrean regime to spearhead illegal activities such as weapon smuggling and human trafficking. The ringleader of this group, Salim Amir, is believed to have extremely close ties with top men in the Eritrean regime such as the head of state, Isaias, Brigadier General Tekhle Kiflay (aka. Manjos), head of foreign intelligence officer colonel Gaim Tesfamicael, head of intelligence of the western command and Border patrol unit, Colonel Yonas Btsueamlak. We have made it clear through our various news-reports, buttressed by evidence, that the group involvement in various illegal activates is no longer a secret.

Regarding the illegal incident above that took place inside sovereign Sudanese territory, The Eritrean government attempted to falsely put the blame on the United Eritrean Democratic Front by providing false information to the Sudanese security; a false information at the heart of which a dangerous security conspiracy lies.

First: We do not believe that the Sudanese security does not know the fact that it is the Eritrean regime who is stirring the wheels behind the Rashida Network. By providing misleading information the Eritrean regime’s aims are thus twofold; on the one hand to protect itself from possible exposition regarding its involvement in such illegal activities and to avoid the consequences which such an exposition may have on the already ebbing diplomatic relations between the two countries in the event that the Sudanese may come up with evidence that shows that it was the Rashida group who was responsible for the above incident.

Second: This is not the first time that the regime has pointed the finger of suspicion to the United Eritrean Democratic Front. This false move is a deliberately orchestrated political and security conspiracy aimed at stirring a conflict between the United Eritrean Democratic Front and the Sudanese security. It was to be remembered that at one point in time the regime, provided false information claiming that we were aiding the Beja tribes who were opposed to the Sudanese government. But, the United Eritrean Democratic Front, understanding the underlying motives behind the Eritrean regime's smear campaign, proved, with evidence, that we had nothing to do with those entanglements.


United Eritrean Democratic Front’s message on this occasion

1-           As an organization we do not have any military presence in the Sudan. Be it before, at the present and the future, we respect Sudan’s territorial integrity and we are not in any situation inclined to get involved in any illegal activity inside the Sudanese soil. Our Sudanese brethren do not need any further clarification on this point.

2-          We have several times exposed the illegal activities carried out by the above mentioned Rashaida network and the close ties the group maintains with key officials within the Eritrean regime. We therefor deeply condemn the incident which was carried out by the group 10 kilometers inside sovereign Sudanese territory and we believe that they should be held legally responsible for their illegal action.  

3-          We already know the cheap tactics that are being employed by the Eritrean regime which are aimed at making The United Eritrean Democratic Front a scapegoat for the illegal proxy activities it is conducting. To undermine those smear campaigns directed against us, we used and will continue to expose those conspiracies with evidences.

4-          The main man in the Eritrean regime who is behind this network specializing on illegal activities is Colonel Yonas Bitsueamlak who is the head of the western command and the border patrol unit. Our sources have confirmed it, that the aforementioned Colonel has arrived in Khartoum for about two weeks ago and he is following his medical treatment and has found an accommodation at the Eritrean Embassy building in Khartoum. We believe that that the Sudanese authorities know the connections that exist between the colonel and the Rashaida and it is easy for them to ascertain the fact that the Colonel is currently in their country for medical treatment. Colonel Yonas will for sure capitalize on his stay and use it as an opportunity for tackling security related issues.

5-          The United Eritrean Democratic Front is deeply saddened by the crime that took place inside the Sudanese territory on the 26th of February 2017.  We condemn this destructive incident but we are not responsible for what happened as we are not its authors.

6-          On the other hand, The United Eritrean Democratic Front has submitted details and evidences to the Sudanese Ministry of Interior; details which expose that it’s the Rashaida group (acting through orders from the Eritrean regime) as being the perpetrator of the incident.

The Sudanese authorities know the futile attempts made by the Eritrean regime in trying to use The United Eritrean Democratic Front as a scapegoat to hide its involvement in illegal activities. We are contented enough by the fact that the Sudanese can no longer be led astray by the Eritrean regime’s cheap security conspiracies. Last but not least we have the deep conviction that the regime's fabricated lies which aim to put us on a collision course with the Sudanese authority will never lead to changing the image and understanding which the latter has on The United Eritrean Democratic Front.

 The department of the Information and Culture. The United Eritrean Democratic Front.

Email: [email protected] Website: www.erifront.com 28/ February/2017


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